Building Community

There’s lots of messages about shopping local & shopping small around at moment. Part of me wonders if the timing is right – we will be playing it safe for now - and part of me also says right now is our opportunity to be part of a customer and community revolution. Lockdown has shown that a step change and reboot to how we shop, the choices we make, & where we put our money are all possible.  Whenever we go to events or travel I am always reminded how very community minded this little corner of Kent is already and I for one would like to not just maintain that but use the current situation as a platform to take it further. I’m not being selfless here – obviously we would like our own businesses to benefit – but we’re more interested in the bigger opportunity. The opportunity to live in and be part of a community that is fired up by the small businesses within it, where people get to shop and work with people they know, people who are passionate about what they do and offer a level of personal service and love that is not possible from a corporate business. 

By buying from small local businesses that have kept going (often under very strained circumstances) over the last few months you’ve already started to make the change and we thank you wholehearted for that – we almost certainly would not be in business now without you - and we ask you to keep doing what you're doing. Not just with us but all the local businesses and producers that make such a valuable contribution to the fabric of where we live. We will be carrying on doing what we’ve been doing and evolving it for changing times because the end of lock down does not mean back to normal, it means more evolution for small businesses. If we want change and a flourishing local economy which in turn fires a flourishing local community we need to support local producers and makers, the small shops, cafes and restaurants that make up our towns & who are taking steps into the unknown every single week.

We have been here for you, please continue to help preserve jobs & keep your money in our local economy.