Courgette Rescue

It was great to hear from Prince Charles on Radio 4 this week that we have just experienced the biggest growth of seed sales ever and that people all over the country are out there growing there own. Here on the blog we'll be sharing some of our favourite recipes & serving suggestions for your home produce as they start to appear. First off - courgettes. If you've ever grown courgettes you'll know that they are very 'fruitful' and if you've planted some this year you are probably looking down the barrel of courgette eating for the next month or two! One of our favourite and most easy courgette dishes is quick pickled courgette ribbons. 

Use a peeler to 'ribbon' the courgette.  Pop the ribbons in a tub with some vinegar, apple cider, white wine & rice vinegar all work well, give it a good stir, add a pinch of salt, a sprinkle of sugar & whatever herbs or spices you have to hand, for instance fresh dill, chilli, coriander seed & leave in the fridge for an hour or so to infuse, overnight if you can. Toss a few toasted pine kernals or pumpkin or sesame seeds in for interest. Then simply use to pop into salads, onto burgers, stuff into pittas, these are also amazing eaten with cheese.

Pic credit @HarrogateFlowerShow winner of the Giant Marrow Competition Summer 2017, this baby weighed in at a huge 66.8kg!! If yours is this big we suggest carving it out & using as a canoe!