Let’s Talk About Veg Baby!

We love veg and, whilst we can bring you a 'Veggies & Wedges" Box as part of your Wasted Kitchen Meal Order it's what we'd class a back up box (fruit & veg from the kitchen, Rosewood Acres Eggs from up the road and your choice of Wasted Kitchen Brownies or Potato Wedges).  So we wanted to give a shout out to all the local businesses doing full on fruit and veg deliveries around Faversham - off the top of our heads (please get in touch if we've missed anyone)

The Yard are delivering weekly veg boxes, with supplies from Walmstone Growers, Wild Bread, Plurenden Manor Farm milk, Coastal Farm eggs (see photo)

David Simmonds from Faversham Market is now offering veg boxes for delivery, contact davidsvegbox@gmail.com

Samson’s Fruit & Veg, another Faversham Market regular is delivering around Faversham

Peel and Pips at Standard Quay have veg, eggs & locally made sourdough too

And of course, the independent shops that have stayed open to sell fruit, veg and more and have really made the effort to support the community and local producers

Macknade on Selling Road, 01795 534497

MB Farm Shop on West Street, 01795 532040

Use them whenever you can because they offer great service, great produce and they are the people and businesses who help make our town the place it is. I realise this is a Faversham centric post, but the same holds true where-ever you live.