Look Local

Mary Quickes open letter to British food lovers struck a cord with us this week. We are really conscious that a lot of small & local producers, just like us, have lost a lot of their sales channels - events, markets, specialist retail - or at the very least seen the quantity of sale drop off.  Whilst it's been pretty hard for us we are grateful that we have a number of online sales outlets, are working with Macknade to get fresh food into their fridges and have been able to step up what was our fledgling home meal delivery service - which is not only currently our main activity & something we love doing! Read Mary’s letter in full here  https://www.quickes.co.uk/blogs/news/marys-open-letter-to-britains-food-lovers
We've also been thinking about what we can do to support our fellow local businesses. It's taken a while but we realised that our business initially came about during the setting up and growth of our local Artisan Food, Drink & Craft Market, ‘Best of Faversham’. The thought behind starting Best of Faversham was that it's better to work together and that the more of anything there is (shoe shops, bread, crafts people, local food producers...) the more interest there is for the customer.
So in the spirit of Mary Quickes letter and Best of Faversham Market we want to, firstly give a big shout out to all our fellow producers and meal makers that are open either physically or online and open for orders and the retailers who support them and ask you to support them (and us). We know that there's been a lot of social media about the difference your support makes and we are here to say that it is real.  We wouldn't still be open and employing four people if you weren't buying our meals for delivery. So, if you can, please make the effort to use them and us. It might be a small thing now but it will make a huge difference to the health of our local food economy and the choices available to us as customers later on. People like Macknade, The Goods Shed, Quex, Eggs To Apples, Gibsons, Corinnes Curries, Nice Buns, Faversham Grill, David Simmonds, Rosewood Acres, Mallard Farm, Bessborough Farm, The Yard, Kent Food Hubs, Kent Cider, Boutilliers, Vita Stores, Wild Bread, Minno Kitchen, Independent Trotters, Baldy's Butchers, M&B Farm Shop, The Four Horseshoes, Peel & Pips to name but a few. See more on Spires, Faversham Life and Faversham Market social media accounts. Being based in Faversham, this list is quite Faversham centric and there will be lots more in and around Whitstable, Herne Bay and Canterbury.
Secondly, we will be starting to introduce more of our fellow small producers to our Wasted Kitchen food delivery offer and finding ways of using more of it in our meals - our crumbles in the meals going out today have local apples and raspberries in and we've already introduced eggs from Rosewood Acres and chocolate from Simply Chocolate in Whitstable. Over the next few weeks  will be adding local honey from Whitstable and Herne Bay Beekeepers who have hives outside our kitchen, 'Cheeseboards' with crackers from Zingiberry in Herne Bay and Ashmore Cheese from Cheesemakers of Canterbury in Dargate and apple juice and apples from Bessborough Farm in Herne Hill. Obviously we're hoping that this is good for us, good for you, our customers, and the small producers who make these too.