The Way We Do The Things We Do

We're loving seeing things like Claudia Winklemans 'What's In Your Fridge' pop up on Radio 2.  It's basically how we do everything we do... rather than deciding what we're doing and then getting the ingredients we start with what we've got and then decide what we're making...  We look in our own and our suppliers fridges, see what needs to be used up or is most likely to otherwise go to waste - it might be down to seasonality, people not buying it, damage or it’s simply not looking it’s best anymore. We then buy these ingredients from our suppliers at the market rate (so they are paid for it and the circular economy is sustained) and we’ll then go on to use that ingredient as the base of our menu decisions, work our Wasted Kitchen creative magic, make some tasty food and the ingredient doesn't get wasted.  Everyone wins.

A great example of this is the Bowyers Brie we melted on to our galettes this week, when we spoke to the Cheesemakers of Canterbury they explained they had too much of it, because their normal route to market has disappeared due to the Covid-19 lockdown & people have stocked up on hard cheese that keeps for longer. Normally we would have used mozzarella and Ashmore. Brie worked just as well and it meant they sold more of the cheese they wanted to. Next week we'll be using their Buttermilk (which is a by product of their butter making and usually thrown away) along with some Wild Garlic they had foraged behind the dairy to make Buttermilk and Wild Garlic Scones for our Friday Fridge Filler.

Another example of how we work closely with our suppliers is buying veg from Macknade, we buy lots of their fruit and veg that would go to create compost & make delicious meals from it. This week we were lucky enough to pick up some locally grown Aubergines from Macknade on Wednesday that were being 'Pound Bagged' because they were going a bit soft.  Based on that we decided to do curries next Tuesday.  The aubergines were spiced and roasted on Thursday and frozen to use next week.  We got some great local produce to put in our meals that may have been wasted and Macknade were paid for them.