Collection: Second Sunday Brunch Club - Mothering Sunday, March 14

We love a collaboration especially with fellow local foodies and creatives like Katy Oliver from Minno Kitchen and Jess from One Flew Over Flowers.

Those of you who enjoyed our New Years Feast and our first Second Sunday Brunch will know Katy O's food. Katy is taking over the Kitchen and cooking up a Brunch Storm every second Sunday of the month for delivery or collection - with a view to popping up at Monkshill Refectory in real life when we can :)

And our next Brunch date is Sunday March 14th - Mothering Sunday - so it seems obvious to be working with the lovely Jess who is based up at Monkshill to offer some beautiful English flowers with your Brunch!  

Whether it's a treat for Mum, yourself or just because you want someone else to bring a banging brunch to your door we think you're worth it!

Choose from

The Big Meaty - Jim's Cumberland Sausage, Macknade Smoked Bacon, Minno Hash Brown, Garlic mushrooms, Baked Beans, Slow Scrambled Eggs, Oven Roasted Toms with Kale Pesto, Sourdough // £11.50

The Big Vegan - Paprika Roasted Squash, Minno Hash Brown, Garlic Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Avocado, Spinach with Baked Red Onion, Smokey Black Beans, Oven Roasted Toms with Kale Pesto, Sourdough // £10.00

Mc Minno Muffin Breakfast

  • Grain & Hearth Muffin, Sausage Pate, Omelette, Dirty Cheese, Hash Brown // £9.50
  • Grain & Hearth Muffin, Omelette, Dirty Cheese, Hash Brown // £8.50
  • Grain & Hearth Muffin, Beans, Garlic Mushrooms, Hash Brown - vegan // £8.50

Stuffed Croissants

Grain & Hearth Croissants Stuffed with

  • Grain & Hearth Croissant Stuffed withHam, Kentish Cheese & Bechamel // £7.00
  • Grain & Hearth Croissants Stuffed withKentish Cheese & Bechamel // £6.50

Plain Grain & Hearth Croissant - £3.25

    Muffin and Wasted Fruit or Marmite Butter

    • Grain & Hearth Muffin w Faversham Strawberry Butter // £2.50
    • Grain & Hearth Muffin w Marmite Butter // £2.50

    Brioche French Toast w Whipped Chantilly Cream and Cherry Compote // £8.00

      Wasted Kitchen Overnight Oats // £4.25. Delivered in a returnable jar.

      • Chocolate Babka 
      • Carrot Cake & Coconut (Vegan)
      Kids Breakfasts
      Beans & Chipolatas // £5.50
      Beans & Hash Brown (Vegan) // £5.50


      Uber Hot Chocolate with Toasted Marshmallows & Maple Caramel (can be vegan) // £4.00

      Wasted Kitchen Kefir Smoothies // £4.50 (delivered in a returnable jar)

      • Mango & Coconut w Water Kefir
      • Chocolate & Banana with Milk kefir

      Coxy's Botanicals Cherry Bomb Cocktail - Brogdale Cherry Liqueur, Amaretto, Lemoncillo w Soda// £6.50 for one, £12 for 2.

      Everything delivered pre-cooked and chilled ready to pop in the oven

      Minimum order for free delivery £30. Delivered Faversham, Whitstable and Canterbury between 9.30 and 11 on Sunday March 14.  Cooked and chilled ready to heat and eat.

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      • One Flew Over Mothering Sunday Bouquet and Table Flowers
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