January 21 - Mezze, Moussaka, Baklava Feast

January 21 - Mezze, Moussaka, Baklava Feast

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On January 21 we're cooking up one of our regular Mezze Menus because, frankly, it's always a favourite with you guys and we love making it! Join us for

  • Mezze Platter - Hummous, Tsatsiki made w Hinxden Yoghurt, Olives

  • Veggie or Beef Moussaka 
  • Greek Style Greens or Salad - we'll know closer to the time
  • Oregano Potato Wedges

  • Monkshill Honey Baklava

Order regular for a large meal for two or a few lighter meals over the weekend. Family for a lighter meal for four - you'll get extra Mezze, Moussaka & Baklava. If you are feeding four big eaters we suggest two regular meals.

Collection from Monkshill Refectory between 3.30 and 4.30.

Delivery to Faversham, Herne Bay, Whitstable and Canterbury between 5 and 7 on Friday evening included.  

All food arrives chilled and ready to heat or pop in the fridge/ freezer for later.