Wasted Kitchen Hummous Recipe

Wasted Kitchen Hummous Recipe

We're loving our Kitchen Confidence Sessions at Macknade and it's great to hear that at least five of the 12 who attended our first one - Beyond The Dip - have already made their own hummous for the first time. We'd love it if everyone had a go... it's so simple and so good for you.  So here's the hummous recipe we use in the Kitchen. Scaled down a bit because no-one, except maybe us, needs more than one large tub of hummous in their life at any one time!

Wasted Kitchen Basic Hummous Recipe


  • Chickpeas – 235g  - if you're using tinned that's one regular tin, drained.  We use dried chickpeas and soak them - read on for instructions.
  • Tahini – 15g
  • Lemon Juice – from half a lemon/ 30g
  • Garlic – half a clove, or to taste
  • Olive Oil – 45g
  • Salt to flavour


Pop it all into your blender and hit the button.  Blend to your preferred texture. Tweak to your taste!

Good To Know

A high power blender will make a super smooth in seconds, an old stick blender will make more textured hummous.  

If you like smooth and don’t have a high power blender add some ice cold water/ more oil. If you like textured add some whole/ crushed chickpeas at the end

Cooking Dry Chickpeas

  • Soak overnight in plenty of water (at least three times the volume of the beans), rinse, add more clean water (twice the height of chickpeas in pan) cook on hob. Beans roughly double in weight. So 100g of dried beans will give you 200g of cooked beans.
  • Heat to boil and then let them simmer for an hour.
  • Test them to see if they’re cooked.
  • Rinse them with cold water (arrests cooking), let cool and then pack into tubs and freeze or put in fridge (good for at least three days in fridge).

Don’t Have All The Ingredients?

  • Chickpeas – try different beans. There’s a great Greek dip that uses potatoes instead of chickpeas.  Broad beans from the freezer, a tin of butterbeans…
  • Tahini – carry on regardless. It’s not a deal breaker. Add a bit more olive oil/ water if it needs a bit more liquid.
  • Lemon – see tahini. No one else is probably going to notice, especially if you’re topping it with something or adding a flavour. Bottled lemon juice is fine.
  • Olive Oil – Ottolenghi’s recipe uses iced water… if you want an alternative oil then pick one that doesn’t have much of a flavour or whose flavour you love.
  • Garlic – this is down to taste. Garlic becomes less of a flavouring if you’re adding other ingredients like roast veg or a strongly flavoured topping.

A Few Of Our Favourite Hummous Toppings

  • Herb Pesto – pop herbs into blender with oil and salt, whizz and drizzle
  • Harissa and spice pastes – loosen a teaspoon of paste with olive oil and drizzle
  • Roast Veg – instead of or as well as putting roast veg in your hummous you can pop it on top.
  • Toasted seeds – toast your seeds in a frying pan, cool and sprinkle – sunflower, sesame, pinenut, pumpkin. You can add herbs and spices to these.
  • Toasted nuts – as above but cool and chop before sprinkling. Pistachio, hazelnut, almonds all work.
  • Pickles and fermented veg
  • Minced Lamb or Beef fried with cumin and onion

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