Join Us For Midsummer Nights Feast At The Refectory Next Friday

About Wasted Kitchen


At Wasted Kitchen, we’re all about food with provenance and purpose.


This means:

We champion seasonal and local produce

We’re passionate about connecting with where our food comes from

We work hard to reduce waste by getting surplus food back into the cycle

We minimise packaging in all we do

For us, food with provenance and purpose manifests in creating community with people keen to learn how they can do better - one bite at a time. Through education and skill sharing - learning together to create positive change. By working with local heroes who are, or want to be, part of the #FoodWasteJourney, too.  

And of course… it’s about great food. Great tasting food. For us. From us. For you.  Whether it’s through Dabba Feast Subscription, Food At The Refectory, Wasted Classes or our Network of Food Waste Heroes.

Our values and mission feed into it all - keeping the cycle turning, so to speak!
Over time, we'd love to be able to say that we have triggered positive change for people and businesses who will probably never even hear of us! That vision is what gets us up in the morning!




What are our Wasted Values?



Waste reduction, circularity, using surplus, using local, reducing single use packaging and eliminating single use plastics is core to what we do.


We are here to be a force for positive change within our own business and beyond. We support each other and we share what we do with others to make that happen.


We are creative in what we do and we support others to be creative because it helps us make positive change and it brings us joy.


Everything we do should ‘pop’ and give us, and others, the motivation, the example and the support to do more and fulfil what we are possible of. Ask the question ‘does it pop’. 


Ultimately we measure ourselves by our financials (which are important to us because they show that it is possible for a commercial business to do this) and how we deliver against these values.


Who are we?

Katy and Rob. We’ve been on this journey together for some time, sharing a story that has inspired this mission and all we do. But Wasted stretches well beyond us nowadays - an incredible Wasted team, a network of local #FoodWasteHeroes / #FoodHeroes / #LocalFoodHeroes and you, the Waste Warriors in our Wasted community.

Thanks for joining us on this #FoodWasteJourney