At Wasted we are want to help everyone to eat more seasonal, real food and get surplus ingredients back onto their plates and enjoy food that makes them feel good.  So, we're really pleased that you are here and we'd love you to join us!
Here's some ways to jump onboard!
Kitchen Mojo Workshops - for food inspiration and kitchen confidence check out our Kitchen Mojo workshops.
Bite Sized Gut Health & Nutrition Workshops - for practical nutrition and gut health check out our workshops with Nutritionist Virginia Hills and Katy from Wasted Kitchen. Virginia brings the nutritional know how and Katy shares easy and quick ways to incorporate the foods that are going to make a difference into you and your family's days.
Eat The Seasons Challenge - sign up for our free challenge and you'll receive our seasonal food list to download and regular updates direct to your inbox telling you what's coming into season with ideas and inspiration on how to use them. So that you can incorporate more real and seasonal food into your meals.






Kitchen Mojo & Kitchen Bite Sized Classes

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