Easy Dressings To Pimp Your Veg & Leftovers

Easy Dressings To Pimp Your Veg & Leftovers

Super Easy Dressings To Pimp Your Veg & Leftovers

Dressings on salad & veg take them to another level, but they're not just for salad! They are great on noodles, fridge rescue stir fry, chicken, shredded cabbage and more. A great way to take make your veg and leftovers rock - and super easy and quick to make! 

Ways to use dressings to up-cycle surplus veg and leftovers

  • Shredded sprout or cabbage & edamame w soy, sesame & ginger dressing
  • Sliced or grated beetroot w simple oil & vinegar dressing (and, if you've got it, a dash of Raspberry vinegar). Add grated apple to this one for extra flavour and to stretch it further 
  • Grated carrot with any dressing 
  • Raw Cauliflower florets w simple oil & cider vinegar and a bit of grain mustard
  • Salmon or leftover chicken with soy or lemon and mustard dressing
  • Old sourdough toasted and topped with tomatoes and simple or pesto dressing
  • Noodles with spring onions and rice wine vinegar and sesame oil dressing 
  • Finish a stir fry

Super Easy Dressing - Basic Recipe

This dressing takes two minutes to make, you've probably got the ingredients in your cupboard and they keep in the fridge for at least a couple weeks - if they last that long. Treat yourself and make yourself a couple of variations. Here's how.

Basic guidance 3 parts oil (we usually use olive oil and sometimes add sesame for flavour ) to 1 part acid (think any vinegar, lemon, soy, ferment liquid) plus any flavour additions (soy, ginger, pesto, miso, peanut butter, tahini or sesame paste, anchovy, caper, sweet chilli, honey, mustard, chopped green herbs, crumbled feta cheese, harissa or chilli paste, crushed garlic, herbs, spices, chilli, chopped shallot) and season to taste.

Pop it all into a jar, bottle or tupperware (something with a lid that's not going to fly off when you shake it), give it a good shake (think shakermaker if you're old enough, cocktail if not). Taste it. Happy? Dressing done.  Use what you need and pop the rest in the fridge for later (use a bit of masking tape and a sharpie to label what it is).  

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