Gooseberry Fool & Gin

Gooseberry Fool & Gin

Gooseberries!  Prickly little critters, super seasonal and we love them.  If you are lucky enough to get sweet red ones then eat them as they are.  If you've got the green ones here's our suggestions.

Gooseberry & Elderflower Fool

Top and tail your gooseberries (or don't and sieve them once they're cooked). Pop into a saucepan with a splash of water and gently heat until they soften and burst. Add elderflower cordial to taste - about 1.5 tablespoons to 200g of fruit. If you don't like elderflower or don't have any, then pop caster sugar in to taste.  If you're sieving them, do that now.  Leave to cool then layer in a glass with Greek yoghurt and pop into the fridge until you're ready.

Gooseberry Gin

Put 400g of gooseberries into a 1litre Kilner (or other large jar - or two). Crush lightly with the end of a rolling pin. Add 100g of granulated or caster sugar and leave to macerate in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight.  Then pour a 700ml bottle of gin over the top, put the lid on and leave somewhere dark and cool for at least three weeks - longer if you want to - and shake occasionally to dissolve sugar.  Once it's ready (taste it and if you like it it's ready) strain through a sieve or muslin and drink with tonic or soda!  It usually goes a bit pink and it's great with elderflower and sparkling wine too...

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  • Katy Newton