Avocados - Wasted Hacks

Avocados - Wasted Hacks
Let's Talk Avocados
Is it just me or does there ALWAYS seems to be an avocado lurking in the back of the fridge that is danger of going a bit past it.
Here's our Avo tips:
1. Get on and eat it as part of tonights dinner or tomorrow's breakfast - delicious on toast and you'd be paying north of £7 for it a cafe so you're saving food from going to waste and money on a fancy breakfast! Top it with egg, bacon, roast peppers and treat yourself, you're worth it 😉
2. Freeze it - peel, get rid of the stone, slice, pop in a tub with a squeeze of lemon and freeze. People are surprised when I tell them they freeze a treat. Or mash it, freeze in ice cubes and put into smoothies if that's your bag (a bit too fiddly for me!)
2. Make guacamole - and eat it or freeze it or both
3. Use it instead of butter or mayo - whizz it up in the blender and off you go. I like to add a bit of Feta or some yeast flakes into mine for extra flavour...

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  • Katy Newton