Green Tomato Inspiration w Langdon Garden

Green Tomato Inspiration w Langdon Garden

We have been challenged by Sally at Langdon Gardens as to what to do with green tomatoes!  So we've put the group Wasted brains in action and here's our ideas - plus we've done the footwork and found some links to recipes and how to info we think sound good...  Let us know how you go!

First off don't panic if you've got loads of green tomatoes. There's still a bit of time for them to ripen - we reckon another week or two from now (September 30th). If you can't wait, pick them and put them indoors on a sunny window sill and they will ripen.  If there's too many or no window sills or it's the middle of October before you get to this here's our ideas.

With every 'ingredient' we get that we don't have experience or knowledge of we try it and then identify what other ingredients we do know that have a similar profile. In the case of green tomatoes we're thinking rhubarb or tomatillos - firm to the feel and acidic to taste.  Then we start thinking about rhubarb/ tomatillo recipes we can adapt. Or, if we're lucky, someone has done already!

1. Salsa - green tomato salsa is a winner (treat them like they are tomatillos) - here's a link to a recipe from 'My Recipes'

2. Green Tomato Cake - just like rhubarb, green tomatoes make great cake. There's quite a few recipes online including this one from SpruceEats

3. Green Tomato Tarte Tatin - tomato tarte tatin is a delicious thing and with a touch of sugar green tomatoes will do the job beautifully (just like rhubarb) - we like the sound of this recipe from Out of The Ordinary Food.

4. Green Tomato Fritters - we would simply dip in seasoned (salt and pepper maybe with a bit of cumin) rice, chickpea or cornflour and fry in a light oil.  Or you could go full on southern American style 'Fried Green Tomatoes' with buttermilk and bacon fat... recipe from Spruce Eats here

Finally Green Tomatoes are great in a drink and you are going to need something to wash this lot down with!  We're loving the sound of this Le Tomate Verte cocktail from Vanity Fair, but this Green Tomato Bloody Mary from Sur La Table is probably more 'achievable'.

Finally, finally if you haven't watched Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistlestop Cafe yet now is the time to treat yourself. Trailer here.


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