Squidgy Banana Pancakes - veggie & vegan

Squidgy Banana Pancakes - veggie & vegan

These American style pancakes are super easy, delicious, taste great and a brilliant way to use bananas that need some TLC.

Here's the recipe - makes 8-10 pancakes.

2 bananas - the squidgier/ the better
2 eggs - for vegan pancakes skip the eggs and add more plant milk
3 tablespoons of flour - regular, self raising, GF, oats whizzed in blender
3 tablespoons of milk - plant or dairy. If I haven't got milk I use yoghurt or kefir.
Oil for frying

How To:
Peel your bananas into a bowl
Crack eggs into the same bowl and mash together with a fork or potato masher
Add flour and milk and stir in.
Heat oil in a frying pan and pop a large spoon of batter (enough for a pancake) into the pan.
The mixture will spread a bit but not too far!
Keep going until the pan is full.  We can get four at a time in our pan but your pan might be bigger/ smaller.  
Turn the heat down to medium.
Once you can see a few small bubbles appearing on the surface of your pancakes turn them over and cook on the other side.

Serve With:
Chocolate Spread, Lemon & Sugar, Maple Syrup, Honey & Bananas...

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  • Katy Newton