Wasted Larder Hero - Plain Yoghurt

Wasted Larder Hero - Plain Yoghurt

We love plain yoghurt and use vast quantities. On it's own and in lots of our cooking. It's a super flexible ingredient, full of protein and, if you pick live, full fat and plain, it's full of good gut bacteria and low sugar too. Which in our book makes it a super food.  When we do our Gut Health and Hormonal Balance classes with Nutritionist Virginia Hills yoghurt is always top of the list. Find out more about these here.  

The yoghurt we use at Wasted Kitchen comes from local dairies and is made with non homogenised milk. We choose these not just because we want to support local producers and because they taste great but because it's non homogenised and it varies over the year with the seasons. Big brands use homogenised milk and adjust their yoghurt in production to achieve year round consistency which means you don't get the seasonal variations we love - and it's more processed.

Some of our favourite things to do with yoghurt

  • With Fresh Fruit- fruit either whizzed / pureed or chopped.  Shop bought fruit yoghurts have roughly 10% sugar. Chopping our own fruit in means we're using local, fresh fruit and getting less of the sugar. If we want sweetness we add our own. Usually a drizzle of local honey which makes us feel like we're on holiday in the Med.
  • Salad Dressings - we use yoghurt in all our 'creamy' salad dressings. Just substitute some of the mayo you'd usually use with plain yoghurt.
  • Noodles & Stir Fry - try putting a dollop on top and thank us later... yoghurt works amazingly with the umami soy and sesame flavours.
  • With Cream - we use yoghurt to 'lighten' cream when we use it in puddings. Whip your cream and slowly add yoghurt as you whip.
  • Whipped Feta or Goats Cheese Dip - whizz cheese in a food processor, add yoghurt
  • Labneh or Yoghurt Cheese - add a pinch of salt and strain through a muslin overnight
  • Tsatsiki - grate a cucumber, strain it and squeeze as much juice out as you can. Add plain yoghurt, a pinch of salt and some dried mint.  Pour a bit of olive oil on top. Dip in.

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