Moist Apple (or Rhubarb/ Raspberry/ Plum/ Fig...) Cake - Wasted Recipe

Moist Apple (or Rhubarb/ Raspberry/ Plum/ Fig...) Cake - Wasted Recipe
This Recipe is based Wasted Lee's Mum's Apple Cake with some inspiration from Anja Dunk's Speedy Apple Cake (check out her recipe book - Noodles, Dumplings & Strudel) and a Wasted Kitchen twist for good measure!
It works with other fruit too so is a great base recipe for when you're looking for something to do with gluts or those apples that are a bit 'over' - try it  with rhubarb, plums, raspberries, pears, figs...
175g melted butter
tsp Vanilla Essence
100g Caster Sugar
60g light brown sugar
200g self raising flour
tsp baking powder
2 eggs, beaten
125-150g stewed apple (about 2 cooking apples worth)
pinch salt
Bread Crumb Crumble Top
2tbsp light brown sugar
2 tbsp breadcrumbs (we like sourdough) - traditionally plain flour if no breadcrumbs looking for a home.  Could add handful of chopped nuts or oats for texture.
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp cinnamon
Pre-heat overn to 180/160 fan
Grease or line a 23cm cake tin.
Combine all the dry batter ingredients in a bowl.  
Add melted butter and vanilla essence and combine.
Add 2 beaten eggs and stewed apple and combine.
Fold, don't overmix, until it is all combined.
Put into baking tin.
Crumble Top
Pop crumble ingredients into a bowl and use your fingers to rub in butter until it resembles a crumble mixture. If you are feeling fancy or you have extra apples follow Anja Dunk's advice.  Peel and core a few small apples.  Chop them in half, place them on a flat board and cut in to them at about 2-3mm intervals.  Don't go all the way through then pop them on top of the batter (cut side up) and sprinkle crumble top on top.  If you're not feeling fancy/ don't have extra apples - just sprinkle the crumble on top.
Cook in oven until golden.  Test with a skewer - it should come out clean.  About 30 - 40 minutes.
ps - other good ways to use apples
  • in slaw
  • bake with breadcrumbs, spices and a bit of honey or maple syrup and butter/ marg or veggie suet in the middle (freezes well - eat with ice cream..)
  • cook with red  cabbage (freezes well)

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