Cheers To Glass Pimping & Clementine & Ginger Punch Mix - Low Sugar Drink Ideas & Recipe

Cheers To Glass Pimping & Clementine & Ginger Punch Mix - Low Sugar Drink Ideas & Recipe

If you are going no/ low alcohol this Christmas or want to manage your blood sugars and keep away from the sugary drinks Nutritionist Virginia Hills and my top tip is that...

Whatever kind of drink you are having if it looks good it will make you feel good... so use a beautiful glass and pimp it with fruit, herbs and ice.

Here's our recipe for Clementine & Ginger Punch Mix with no added sugar:


  • 3 clementines or satsumas or a large orange
  • a thumb size piece of root ginger
  • a couple of chunks of cucumber
  • a cinnamon stick and a couple of cloves
  • 750ml of water
  • 25ml apple cider vinegar

How To Make

Tear or cut up the clementines and put them into a saucepan that will take all the ingredients.  Grate the ginger and add it to the pan along with all the other ingredients except the vinegar.  

Punch ingredients

Bring to the boil and then let it simmer for five minutes.  Turn the heat off, pop the lid on and leave it to infuse overnight.

Strain through a sieve or muslin, add the vinegar and it's ready to go.  Will keep in the fridge for five days.  We froze the left overs in ice cubes and will be using it over Christmas.

How To Mix Your Delicious Drink

Pick a nice glass. Pimp your glass so it looks great.  Imagine how it feels when you walk into an event and see all the glasses dressed beautifully... this is how you want to feel when you have any 'special' drink in your hand. We used some rosemary from the garden an ice cube and a slice of orange.  Pop some of your mix into the glass and top up with a low sugar mixer.  We use Fentimans or Fevertree Ginger*.  That's it!

Other low sugar drinks I'd recommend - Soda & Bitters, Fentimans Cola and Balsamic Vinegar.  Really.

* I try to keep away from sweeteners, as recommended by Virginia, and both of these have around 4g of sugar per 100ml vs 10g + in Coke or fruit juice.

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